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Hey welcome here, today we are here to talk about or you can say discuss Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the leading cryptocurrency from the past years. Bitcoin is one of the biggest cryptos in the field of cryptocurrency. Do you know that Bitcoin is having the largest market capacity or you can say market price from all of the cryptos? Now let’s talk about what we are going to discuss in this post. In this post step by step, we will know the details of Bitcoin, it’s market capacity, should invest in it or not and many more things we will talk. So let’s go ahead in the post with us to know all the details about Bitcoin.

What is bitcoin?

In simple we will talk that Bitcoin is a digital currency. It is been created in January 2009. The best thing about Bitcoin is it offers you lower transaction fees than other online payments. We have mentioned a few details of Bitcoin ahead in the post we have added more categories wise so be in the post and read it carefully. Bitcoin is commonly separated with the symbol BTC.

As we mentioned above that it is been launched in 2009, and it is one of the largest cryptos by market capitalization. As from the other Fiat currency, Bitcoin is been created, distributed, traded, and stored in a ledger system that is blockchain. We have listed this as per the reports of coinmarketcap the leading cryptos search site.

Investment on Bitcoin?

See, in simple words, we will suggest you invest in Bitcoin. The reason is it is one of the biggest and largest market capitalization as we mentioned above and it is one of the leading cryptos in the field of cryptocurrency this also we have mentioned above if you are in the post from the top you have seen that.

The key points you should remember when you are investing in it are first you should do research on the internet about their past year’s performance or reports. Its behavior when it goes up or when it goes down is one of the important tips to invest in it. From our think of view, it’s time to invest in it because in the past month its price is above 30 lacs and its current price is 26 lacs so this is the right time to invest in it. In a few months it will surely be above its current price so go for it. And we request you to invest after research only on Bitcoin we are not a responsible person if you lose your money because we have warned you already.

Where to invest?

See, now currently there are many sites or apps in the market to invest. But the point is many are frauds and many are rights. Here, we will give you the best apps to invest and it is legal also and it is trusted one also. The first is coinbase, coin dcx go, hotbit, Bitcoin wallet, wazirx, stormgain, trust wallet, binance, exodus and many more are trusted and legal one you can check it out.

Bitcoin mining?

Have you ever listened about the Bitcoin mining. If not then you will read it here and what is it for. The first is by mining, you can earn free cryptos without putting any money. The next one is the miners receive Bitcoin as a reward of completing the blocks of the transactions offered by the blockchain. The mining rewards is been sent directly to the Miner setup. The things you requires to setup Bitcoin mining the first is GPU (graphics Processing Unit) or application specific Integrated circuit (ASIC). The miners are very much costly if you are having the enough budget then you can try it. But everyone person it is not been affordable.

In last, we want to say one thing that invest at your own risk we are not the responsible person when you are loosing your money. The first you look for that company on internet than you invest and the main point is that search for the Bitcoin performance reports.
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