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conference call

Hey, welcome here, today we came with an amazing topic that is a conference call. In this post, we will talk about it or you can say discuss the details of the conference call, what it is for?

We have added some interesting points in this post for the conference call if you will go ahead with the post you will get it. And we request you to go wisely if you jump from here to there in the post then you will not be able to get the points.

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Details about conference call?

In a conference call, a large number of people can talk to each other in a single call at the same time. It is basically used by the large or biggest companies in the companies uses a specialized service provider in telecom service who maintain the conference Bridge among the people to access the meeting and conference call to each other. Hope understood, if not go through the post step by step you will get it. In category wise, we have added.

Three-way calling?

Three-way calling is one of the best features of conference calls. See, again and again, we are telling you everyone to go step by step in the post. Otherwise, you will not get the points, and then you will comment on us that we have not understood. In three-way calling, you can add three people in a single call. The process is first you have to do call on a first-person after that the first person picked up the call then you have to add on hold the first person then after see you got the option to add another call you can type the number to get connected to the second person after a second person picks up the call then you will see that one option will appear on the screen of the conference call. Simply, you have to click on it and then you will get connected to each other in the first person and the second person, and in the last, you are the third person. I hope, you have understood what is conference call or three-way calling.

How many calls we can connect?

If we talk about Android phones then it allows you to connect five calls at a time from one phone to talk to each other or to make a conference call. If you are in the post from the top you have seen ahead if not seen then read it there before going ahead.

How to do free conference call?

See, there is one website which is been most popular which is a free conference call. The steps or process is simply first you have to create an account in free conference call website. It is full of free don’t invest any money. After creating an account just sign in or login in to your account you got the option to create a voice conference call or video conference call you can select as per your choice. After creating just take an example if you have created a voice conference call you will get a few digit number or pins. You have to share with your friends or family whom do you want to connect with it.

After sharing their work is to log in to the website and just put up the number or pin in the join or connect option after this you can talk to each other. You can add many persons at a time to enjoy it or to talk about it. Overall from our think of view, it is one of the good ones because it provides you free and you also got the feature of a video conference.

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