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Welcome guys, here today we came with the best amazing topic that is cryptocurrency. Many of you are waiting for this topic so we came today with the topic of cryptocurrency. In this post we will talk about the best cryptocurrency, Crypto price, where to invest, in which currency should invest, and many more we will talk about. So let’s go ahead in the post and read it carefully.

In this post, we will try to recover all types of cryptocurrency. See many of you are here to get the knowledge of the cryptos to invest in them. The only thing we will suggest you invest in is Bitcoin it is one of the biggest and growing currencies to this day.

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Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed in such a way where individual coin ownership records are kept in a computerized database to secure it. We think you have not understood it go ahead in the post you will get the points. A cryptocurrency is also a form of payment where it can be exchanged online for goods and services. Have you often seen that many of the companies have issued their own cryptocurrencies which we call tokens, and it is being traded on various platforms in the form of a feedback of goods and services that the company provides? Now we think that you have understood what is cryptocurrency? Now we will talk about how many types of there are cryptocurrencies.


See, we want to notify you first that there are more than 5000 different cryptocurrencies are there in the market. It has been traded on different platforms to gain growth as per the trading volume. See, if you are in the field of Crypto investment then you are getting easily our points if not first of all go and get the knowledge of it don’t invest in cryptos wisely it is risky.

Now time to know the total worth of cryptocurrencies in the market. Overall we have researched on it and we get the details from the coin market the leading market research website. The average total value of all the cryptos on May 27, 2021, was above 1.7 trillion. From this price, you can realize the power of cryptos.


Bitcoin 735.3 Billion
Tether 61 Billion
Binance coin 57.5 Billion
Etherum 324.2 Billion
Dogecoin 44 Billion
Cardano 54.6 Billion
XRP 46.5 Billion
USD Coin 21.9 Billion
Polkadot 22.1 Billion

Here we have listed all Cryptocurrency market prices see, it is all in Dollar price as per the details of the coin market.


See, we suggest you invest in cryptocurrencies because reason is all of the Crypto prices will go higher in the future and if you invest now then you can get a huge return in the future. But there is one disadvantage also you can lose your money also if you are not selecting the best Crypto because every Crypto is not a golden Crypto that in future it will grow it can be down also. The first point is you have to research that Crypto in which you are going to invest. It is a little bit risky also you can invest at your own risk.


There are many apps to invest in cryptos but we will provide you some amazing or you can say best ones. There are coinbase , blockchain, coin dcx go, wazirx, hotbit, Bitcoin wallet, Doge wallet, Binance coin, and many more you will get on the play store. You should remember one point that you have to invest as per your budget that if you lose you can maintain it.


First of all search for the owner of that App or a Company where are you investing? There are largest numbers of investors or not the company is been stated or not. Are you having the Shares or stakes after investing your money in it or not? And many more things you should see when you are investing.

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