GTL Infra Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

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Earning money from the stock market isn’t everyone’s cup of tea; choosing a good company is crucial for this. Because it’s the company that will potentially provide you with good returns in the future. On the other hand, investing in a bad company can lead to significant losses.

So, if you are considering investing in GTL Infra, you should know whether the future of this company is promising or not. There was a time when this company was India’s largest Telecom Infrastructure company. However, that’s not the case anymore.

GTL Infrastructure Limited Share Information

This company, also known as GTL Infrastructure, was established in the year 2004. GTL Infra is a leading company in the Telecom Sector. The company’s work involves educating wireless telecom operators on using passive basic infrastructure.

With over 1050 employees, its headquarters are located in Maharashtra, Mumbai, and Mr. Manoj Tirodkar is the CEO of the company. The company has made significant contributions in Communication Structures as well.

So far, the company has installed approximately 28,000 mobile towers across India, connected with the telecom sector. In the past 5 years, there has been an increase of only 0.70 paise in the company’s share price. This means investors who have invested in it over the past 5 years haven’t received any significant returns.

GTL Infra Ltd Share Price Target 2024

Friends, some companies manage to recover from losses within a few years, while others may continue to incur losses even after 5 years. GTL Infra is one such company. When the company became India’s largest Telecom Infrastructure company, people had high hopes for it.

However, poor management led the company into decline. Despite having connections with major and popular telecom companies, the company hasn’t shown much improvement. Experts also suggest that if the company continues on this path, it may face liquidation.

From time to time, there are reports in the news suggesting that Reliance Jio is planning to collaborate with this company to provide 5G services to its users. However, the truth behind this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

Considering this, if we talk about GTL Infra Share Price Target 2024, the first target for 2024 could be around Rs 2 per share, with the second target possibly around Rs 3.50 per share. Expectations for higher returns are quite low.

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025

Friends, now that you’ve learned about the GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025 and gained some insight into the company, let’s delve deeper into its business and analyze it thoroughly to understand the prospects for GTL Infra 5G Share Price Target.

Despite the company being in significant losses, its name is still prominent among companies associated with mobile tower infrastructure. The main reason behind this is the foreign telecom companies. Since the government allowed telecom companies from foreign countries to operate in India, the monopoly of this company has been completely eliminated, leading to a substantial decrease in its share price.

However, the company hasn’t given up yet and continues to invest in mobile tower infrastructure to stay ahead of its competitors. Considering this, if we talk about GTL Infra Share Price Target 2025, 2025 might not be very promising for the company either. The first target for 2025 could be around Rs 4 per share, while the second target could be around Rs 6 per share.

GTL Infra Share Price Prediction 2026

A few years ago, when the government revoked the licenses of nearly 120 telecom companies due to the 2G scam, GTL Infra suffered a significant blow. As a result, most of the company’s towers were left vacant, and the company had to maintain these towers without generating any revenue. Consequently, the company accumulated substantial debts and failed to recover.

The company’s situation has been continuously deteriorating, with its share price consistently declining. This indicates that due to certain regulations and orders from the government, the company has faced downfall and finding it difficult to bounce back.

However, the company is making efforts to revive its business. With the advent of 5G technology, it is speculated that the company may show signs of improvement. Currently, there are only four companies in the telecom sector in the market. Therefore, it is anticipated that the company may offer significant returns in 2026.

If we discuss GTL Infra Share Price Target 2026, the first target for 2026 could be around Rs 8 per share, while the second target could be around Rs 10 per share. There are expectations for even higher returns as by 2026, 5G might be fully launched in India.

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2027

Currently, 5G is in its initial stages in India, which is why there isn’t much enthusiasm seen in GTL Infra stocks. Friends, I hope you’re enjoying this post. If you like this post, please continue reading.

Now, if we talk about GTL Infra Share Price Target 2027, the first target for 2027 could be around Rs 11 per share, while the second target could be around Rs 13 per share.

GTL Infra Share Price Target 2030

As the demand for infrastructure related to 5G services increases, GTL Infra’s share price is expected to see growth. This is because the company is one of the largest tower installation companies in India, which can benefit the company significantly.

If we discuss GTL Infra Share Price Target 2030, 2030 could prove to be a good year for the company. The first target for 2030 could be around Rs 15 per share, while the second target could be around Rs 20 per share.

DISCLAIMER: Friends, please note that we are not a registered financial advisor with SEBI. Therefore, before investing in GTL Infra or any other investment, please consider it carefully and invest according to your own discretion and risk tolerance.

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