Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

Salasar Techno Share Price Target : Salasar Techno’s business and its potential share price targets for the coming years.

Salasar Techno is involved in infrastructure business, starting from tower manufacturing and expanding into various other infrastructure-related products. The company has been strengthening its foothold in different segments of the infrastructure business, which indicates promising growth prospects in the future.

Now, let’s delve deeper into the company’s business details and explore the potential opportunities in its future prospects to estimate the Salasar Techno Share Price Target for the upcoming years.

Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd Information

Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd is a leading provider of turnkey solutions in the infrastructure sector, particularly in the field of transmission line towers, telecommunication towers, and solar structures. Here’s some key information about the company:

Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd is engaged in the design, development, and manufacturing of a wide range of infrastructure products and services. The company caters to various industries, including power transmission, telecommunications, railways, and renewable energy.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2024

Salasar Techno primarily offers engineering, design, and deployment services for the telecom and solar sectors. It also engages in businesses related to transmission lines and erecting new towers. The company has undertaken numerous large-scale projects, which have significantly benefited its business.

Looking ahead, Salasar Techno continues to secure a considerable number of new orders, and it is striving to fulfill them promptly. As the company successfully completes its order book, significant growth in its business can be expected.

Considering the growing order book and the company’s performance, the Salasar Techno Share Price Target for 2024 appears promising, with an initial target of around ₹24. Upon achieving this target, investors may expect to see another target of approximately ₹26.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2025

Through its excellent products and services, Salasar Techno has been gradually gaining a strong foothold not only in India but also in various markets worldwide. Currently, the company is expanding its business in approximately 25 emerging markets, including Africa, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Nepal, and Myanmar.

According to management, the company is committed to establishing its presence in several new countries in the coming years. Although currently, export revenue contributes to around 9% of the company’s total revenue, there is a significant focus on increasing this percentage through export expansion. With the company’s accelerating focus on exports, it is anticipated that export revenue will witness substantial growth in the coming years.

As the company’s market size continues to grow, investors may expect to see a significant increase in the Salasar Techno Share Price Target by 2025, with a potential target of around ₹30, followed by a possible second target of ₹32.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2026

Focusing on increasing its production capacity while keeping an eye on the demand for its products and services in the market, Salasar Techno is expanding its manufacturing capabilities. Currently, the company operates three manufacturing plants with a total production capacity of approximately 110,000 MTPM (Metric Tons Per Month). Moreover, the company is continuously increasing its capacity every year.

The management is working on a strategy to set up new manufacturing plants at new locations to further enhance its production capacity in the coming years. Additionally, efforts are being made to increase the capacity of existing manufacturing plants, with significant investments being made for this purpose.

As the company’s capacity expansion efforts become more apparent, investors may expect to see a substantial increase in the Salasar Techno Share Price Target by 2026. The first target could be around ₹36, followed by a potential second target of ₹38.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2027

To accelerate its business growth, Salasar Techno has been actively collaborating with various companies in the industry under partnership agreements. Recently, the company has been working in collaboration with Ramboll, a leading global company, for the technical design and quality control of its telecommunication towers, monopoles, and smart poles. This collaboration reflects Salasar Techno’s commitment to maintaining high standards and innovative solutions in its products.

Furthermore, Salasar Techno has been engaged in joint ventures with other companies in the industry to develop numerous significant projects. This strategic approach has enabled the company to strengthen its presence in the infrastructure business segment steadily.

As Salasar Techno continues to expand its business activities, investors may anticipate significant returns, with the first target likely to be around ₹43 by 2027. Subsequently, investors might expect to see a second target of around ₹45.

Salasar Techno Share Price Target 2030

Salasar Techno operates in various infrastructure sectors, including telecom towers, railway electrification, transmission lines, buildings, and bridges. It’s noteworthy that the government consistently invests significantly in these sectors every year. In the coming years, numerous large-scale projects are expected to be developed, benefiting all companies involved in this sector.

Salasar Techno is continuously enhancing its capabilities by leveraging new technologies within its business operations. This strategic approach positions the company well to efficiently execute numerous large projects in the future.

Considering the promising outlook for its business, Salasar Techno’s share price target by 2030 could potentially be around ₹80, offering investors substantial returns.

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