Suzlon Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

Suzlon Share Price Target : Suzlon Share Price Prediction : Hello friends, recently Suzlon shares have been showing a good momentum. Over the past 6 months, this share has been performing exceptionally well. Therefore, many investors who have invested in Suzlon shares are curious about the Suzlon Share Price Target in Hindi.

In today’s article, we will provide you with complete information about Suzlon shares, including what the company does, its future prospects, and the level of risk associated with this share. Suzlon is a company in the renewable energy sector, and recently, there has been an increased demand for renewable energy. In the coming years, the demand for renewable energy is expected to grow further, which could benefit Suzlon as well.

Suzlon Share Ltd Price Information

Suzlon Energy Limited is a company in the renewable energy sector and is one of India’s leading wind energy companies. It manufactures wind turbines that generate electricity from the wind. The company was established in 1995, with its headquarters in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Suzlon Energy primarily engages in the construction, installation, and maintenance of wind turbines. It holds a 33% market share in the Indian market within its sector. The company also operates its business in Europe and Australia besides India. Suzlon Energy is considered a leader in the green energy sector and plays a significant role in promoting clean energy in India.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2024

In recent times, Suzlon shares have shown significant growth. Over the past month, the share price has increased by 8.63%, while over the last 6 months, it has provided an impressive return of 114.39%. Looking at the returns over the past year, the share has delivered a staggering multi-bagger return of 431.55%. Over a 5-year period, the share has generated a robust return of 744.70%.

Previously, this share was traded at around ₹400, but today it is priced at over ₹41. According to experts, this share could touch its previous high price in a few years. While short-term losses are possible, in the long term, this share could provide good returns to investors.

Based on these factors, many experts believe that the first target for this share in 2024 could be ₹50, and the second target could be ₹69.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2025

Based on recent information obtained from sources, Suzlon Energy has been working on some projects lately. If the company completes these projects on time, it could lead to a new surge in its share price.

In February 2024, Suzlon Energy received an order from Aprava Energy for a 100.8 megawatt wind energy project in Gujarat. Additionally, the company secured a 50 megawatt wind energy project in Dwarka, Gujarat, in December 2023, with an expected completion date in 2025.

As of September 30, 2023, the company had an order book of 17 gigawatts, including projects established in 17 countries and future orders. Furthermore, the company is receiving new orders, strengthening its order book. Considering these factors, if we discuss the Suzlon Share Price Target for 2025, it could range between ₹70 to ₹88.

Suzlon Share Price Prediction 2026

Looking at Suzlon Energy’s sales and net profit, there seems to be a fluctuation. While the total sales increased from ₹3,346 crores in March 2021 to ₹6,582 crores in March 2022, there was a decrease in March 2023, with total sales at ₹5,971 crores.

Similarly, the company’s net profit also fluctuated. It was ₹104 crores in March 2021, but the company incurred a loss of ₹177 crores in March 2022. However, in March 2023, the total net profit was ₹2,887 crores.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2027

Suzlon Energy is the leading company in the wind energy production sector throughout India, commanding over 33% market share in its sector. Understanding the demand for clean energy, the company is expanding its production in this sector. The management is constructing new power production units to increase its production capacity.

Furthermore, the Indian government is focusing heavily on increasing clean and green energy production, leading to substantial investments in this sector. Experts believe that by 2030, up to 50% of India’s energy consumption will be from green energy sources.

In this scenario, analysts believe that by 2027, Suzlon Energy’s share price could touch between ₹105 to ₹122. However, certain factors could influence this target.

Suzlon Share Price Target 2030

Suzlon Energy is currently constructing wind turbines made from carbon fiber, which are expected to be more durable and produce more electricity over a longer period. This will significantly aid Suzlon Energy in exporting its products abroad. Presently, the company has a power production capacity of 19,108 megawatts, which it is striving to increase further.

Considering these factors, analysts believe that by 2030, the share price of Suzlon Energy could touch between ₹215 to ₹235.

Warning: The data shared about Suzlon Share Price Target is based on our research and estimation. The actual share price of Suzlon Energy may vary, either higher or lower. The share price of any company depends on its business performance and fundamentals. Before investing in any company's shares, it is advisable to consult with a financial advisor.

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