Top best blogging platforms in 2021? You must know!

Hello everyone this is Suman and welcome back to the blog today I am going to talk about the best blogging platform in 2021. As we all know that there are so many people who are beginners in blogging and they don’t know to choose the best blogging platform to work with. I know it’s not easy to choose the best blogging platform to begin their blogging career. This is going to be an amazing article for all beginner bloggers. All beginner bloggers want to make the best blogs having the best server. There are so many platforms that give you the free space to host your site but I want to make it clear that there are so many demerits present in the blogging platforms. We will also discuss this. No matter how much effort you are giving to the content and the design of the website. If the website doesn’t open on the time then it will be a problem for the publishers as well as the reader. There will be a bad impact in the eye of google.

As we all know that the loading speed of the site should be good then only we can make a good blog that can open very speedily and make have different customization options then only you can say that it is one of the best blogging platforms. Now I think this is a sufficient overview of the article. now let’s start the article without wasting any time.

What is a blogging platform?

At first, we will proceed with the definition of the blogging platform as I don’t want to make you confused about the article. We will make everything clear about the article and then we will make you teach something about the blogging platforms. It is like the home of the website where the data of the website get stored. Yes, as well know that we need to make a house for living, in the same manner, we will have to choose a blogging platform to make a blog. Now I think you are all clear about the blogging platform. Now we will look at some of the best blogging platforms through which you can start your blogging career.

#1 Blogger a Google product

Yes, when it comes to the best blogging platform then only one name that comes to every person’s mind is Do you know why? Let me tell you google is one of the best and the trusted search engine all over the world. It is being used and trusted by millions of people across the world.

Google has launched its own free blogging platform where you can create your account and choose a free subdomain name on which you can create your blog. You will get there are so many customizing options in the blogger. You are going to receive many blogging templates with the help of you can make your site good looking and professionals. Now you might be thinking that what we will have to do in order to make a blog with the help of the blogger? You don’t need to do anything to get started. Simply you will have to create your Gmail id and then you will have to create an account from the official site now all done. Now you will have to choose the domain name of the website that should be related to the niche or the content you are using in your blog. Now you will have to choose the theme of the website, customize it according to your need and make it more professional with the help of the addons. Your blog is ready, now you can start writing blogs. Later on, you can also monetize the blog. This is all about the blogger. If you liked the features of the blog then you can start your blogging career with the blogger.

#2 Wix a simple blogging platform

A new product that is being launched in the terms of blogging. We can also say that it is the enhanced version of the blogger. Here you are going to receive some of the best features that you can use to make your blog more effective and designed.

Simply you will have to follow the official website of Wix and then you will have to create your account. Now all done simply add your custom domain name and choose the best templates for the blog. There are so many free templates present in the Wix that you can freely use them on your website. Now if you have made your website then simply you will have to choose the website and start creating content. If you liked this free blogging platform then you can simply start your free blog. the most important point is that it is absolutely free.

#3 WordPress a blogging platform

It is one of the best blogging platforms as well as a PHP script that is being used to make different types of websites. There are millions of people using this website in order to make their blogs. It is absolutely free and providing one of the best options to customize your website. It is being developed in order to make it more comfortable for the publishers or the bloggers.

Simply you will have to purchase a domain name and the hosting server and then you will have to connect them. Now all done simply you will have to go to the Cpanel of the website and here you will have to install the WordPress script. Once you will do so then simply you will have to go to the dashboard of the WordPress heer you will get many customizing options. You can make websites as well as blogs also with the help of this script.


In this article, I have mentioned the best blogging platforms. You can use these best blogging platforms to make your blog. When you will create a blog on this server then surely you will not face any kind of problem in the blog. Simply you will have to start creating content and then you will have to show your consistency in creating the content then you will get ranked easily on google. I hope that you might like the article. If so then do share it with your friends and families.

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