Top best loan apps in 2022 updated

Top best loan apps in 2022 updated

Welcome you all guys, we are here with the new topic, which we suppose is a very interesting topic for all of us, especially for the students. We want to say that we have researched various loan apps for students and selected one of the best 5 loan apps for them. You can select as per your choice and need.
Follow the details and let’s begin with the Post.
1. Avail App
2. Krazy Bee App
3. Slice Pay App
4. Red Carpet App
5.mPokket App.

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Here we come to our first loan app i.e. “Avail App”. Avail app is developed by Ankush Aggarwal with his belief that every single person who needs a loan, can access a loan easily.
Use this app to get easy education loans for students who are needed at the best rate of interest.
Here, there are benefits for buy a mobile phone, a laptop, etc on EMI. Instant EMI with no credit card. You can also pay later in EMI.
You can take low-cost EMI through this app.
The minimum period for repayment of the loan is 3months and the maximum is 8 months.
The rate of interest is only about or the rate of interest is between 1.25% – 3%.
You can get to know about this app after downloading this app.

Krazy Bee App

Here we came to know about our second app i.e.”KRAZY BEE”.
You can easily access a loan from this app to meet your college expenses and for other activities that you are needed for.
It is very easy to use. You just need to give your college ID and address proof to get your loan amount.
In this app, we get a repayment tenure of 12 months.
Eligibility to use this app is that you should be at least 18 years of age, registered with a recognized university. It is India’s largest Student credit app opportunity.

Slice Pay App

Here we came to know about our third loan app i.e.”SLICE PAY APP”.
Slice pay is in partnership with Master Card. It is a loan app for students which help them for easy access their loan at no cost EMI’s.
You just have to give your name, college ID, and address proof. You can repay with UPI, Debit cards, etc.

Red Carpet App

Here we came to know about our fourth loan app i.e.”RED CARPET APP”.
It is very common among all of us.
It is a commonly used app where students can get instant loans. This app gives the benefit of an interest-free loan, an easy 1-month return policy on loans up to 1000-6000 INR.
In this app, we can use EMI. Those who apply for EMI can repay the amount on 3 months, 6 months, 12 months basis.

mpocket App

Here we are with our last loan app of this post i.e. “mPOKKET APP” mPokket App is a lending platform, where students get loans very easily especially college students in India. In this app, students get repay tenure of 61 to 90 days and the rate of interest is 1% to 6% per month or 12% – 72% per annum. All you need to get access to this loan app is your college ID card and identity proof. The mode of repayment of the loan is Paytm, debit card, or UPI. Eligibility criteria are students should be 18 years above, must register to a College or institution, and must have a bank account.


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