Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030 High Return

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target : Vedant Fashions, known for its brand Manyavar, operates in the business of wedding and festive apparel. Since its listing, the company has shown significant growth in its share price, reflecting its success in the market.

Analyzing the company’s business and future prospects, we can anticipate continued growth in the coming years. Vedant Fashions has established a strong brand presence and customer base, which bodes well for its future performance.

Considering these factors, let’s delve into a detailed analysis to estimate Vedant Fashions’ share price targets for 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, and 2030.

Vedant Fashions Ltd Share Information

Vedant Fashions Ltd, a prominent player in the apparel segment, operates several well-known brands such as Manyavar, Mohey, Mebaz, Twamev, and Manthan. The company has established a strong presence in the market, particularly in the wedding and festive clothing segments.

Vedant Fashions has been expanding its retail network across India and internationally, with exclusive brand outlets in over 212 cities in India and approximately 11 outlets in markets such as the US, Canada, and the UAE. The company is also focusing on strengthening its online presence and implementing an Omni Channel business strategy to reach consumers in smaller cities and abroad.

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2024

Vedant Fashions is a well-known brand in India for wedding and festive apparel, with its premium brand Manyavar holding a leading position in its business category. The company also owns other strong brands like Mohey, Mebaz, Twamev, and Manthan, which have helped it establish a solid foothold in the market segment.

Furthermore, Vedant Fashions regularly promotes its brands through advertisements featuring prominent celebrities. This strategy has contributed to the company’s success in building a strong brand value in the Indian market over the past few years. As Vedant Fashions continues to strengthen its brand value, its sales are also witnessing significant growth.

With the increasing brand value in sight, it can be anticipated that Vedant Fashions’ share price target for 2024 could potentially reach around ₹1000, with a subsequent target of around ₹1100 after the first target is achieved.

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2025

Vedant Fashions is gradually launching its products in every category according to market demand, showcasing the management’s excellent ability to identify customer needs and introduce excellent products at the right time.

In recent times, the company has been seen launching its products in several categories, leading to a significant boost in sales. The management is expected to continue launching its products in new categories in the future, which will further accelerate the growth of Vedant Fashions’ business.

As the company expands its product portfolio, Vedant Fashions’ share price target for 2025 could potentially reach around ₹1200, reflecting excellent business growth. Subsequently, investors may consider aiming for a second target of around ₹1300 once the first target is achieved.

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2026

Vedant Fashions is rapidly expanding its retail network throughout India, leveraging its franchise business model to establish around 535 exclusive brand outlets in approximately 212 cities across the country. Additionally, the company has around 11 exclusive brand outlets in international markets such as the US, Canada, and the UAE.

The management’s strategic plan involves expanding its retail outlets to reach even the smallest cities domestically and internationally under its Omni Channel business strategy. As Vedant Fashions’ retail outlets continue to expand nationwide, it is expected that the company’s business will also grow accordingly.

With the expansion of its business, Vedant Fashions’ share price target by 2026 could potentially reach around ₹1450, reflecting strong growth. Following that, investors may consider aiming for a second target of around ₹1550 once the first target is achieved.

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2027

Vedant Fashions operates predominantly in business segments where strong competitors are currently scarce. Whether it’s premium or mid-range apparel for weddings and festivals, Vedant Fashions boasts a variety of brands, positioning itself for significant growth in the coming days.

Additionally, the company is strengthening its online platforms to capture various market segments. Management believes that a significant portion of the company’s revenue will come from online channels in the future. To prepare for this, Vedant Fashions is leveraging technology to strengthen its supply chain and inventory management.

As the company continues to expand its business, Vedant Fashions’ share price target by 2027 could potentially reach around ₹1750, offering substantial returns. After that, investors may consider holding for a second target of around ₹1850.

Vedant Fashions Share Price Target 2030

As people’s income levels gradually increase, they tend to spend more on branded products for weddings and festivals. Due to this trend, Vedant Fashions, being a strong brand in this segment, is expected to benefit significantly from this growth in the long term.

Analysts believe that the market for branded products related to weddings and festivals could grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of approximately 20 to 25 percent in the coming days. If this industry continues to grow at such a rate, Vedant Fashions stands to gain the most, considering the plethora of organized brand offerings it has in this business segment.

Considering the significant opportunities in the business over the long term, Vedant Fashions’ share price target by 2030 could potentially be around ₹3200, offering shareholders substantial returns.

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